Best Running Shoes For Fallen Arches – Top 3 Shoes

Best running shoes for fallen arches

Welcome to a review post about the top 3 best running shoes for fallen arches. You will learn the symptoms of fallen arches, (or commonly known as flat feet) how it affects your performance when running and the best running brands (scroll down to read more!)

Let’s delve into the “science” of flat feet and see how it occurs in the first place!

What Are “Fallen Arches”?

Fallen arches, or commonly known as “flat feet” can often lead to discomfort in certain areas of your body. Flat feet is not a problem to be very wary of but sometimes there are a few problems that are indirectly caused by flat feet. Some of the problems associated with flat feet are:

  • Feet are painful whilst wearing supported footwear.
  • Feet are weak, numb or stiff
  • Ankle pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Lower Leg Pain & Discomfort

fallen arches

Causes Of Fallen Arches

Some people are born with fallen arches, some people inherit flat feet through:

  • Obesity
  • Aging
  • Unsupportive Footwear
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Much more…

Fallen arches effects…

The effects of flat feet can start at different stages for many different people. One example is when women put on extra weight during and after pregnancy. Before women become pregnant, they may have mild to moderate overpronation in their feet which have may not have affected them in any way, shape or form in the past.

Fallen arch diagram of neutral, overpronation and underpronation

But becoming pregnant causes women to put on extra weight, which then can lead to moderate to severe overpronation of the foot, which causes all the difficulties and pains people with fallen arches suffer from and then, once women try to exercise they feel pain, then they don’t exercise! This creates a vicious cycle of all the problems associated with fallen arches or flat feet.

This is why when running or exercising, it is recommended that you wear the right pair of shoes that support you when performing strenuous activities.

Whatever the circumstance you fall in, you must agree that wearing the right footwear is vital when exercising!

Choosing The Right Pair…

You need to make the right choice in picking the right pair of running shoes to help alleviate pain from your feet but maintaining performance is also vital which helps you lose weight. I have deciphered through all the brands and picked these 3 shoes that I believe will keep you running without compromise but whilst maintaining style and comfort. Let’s begin…

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoes

These running shoe’s keep style and comfort when it comes to running around in flat feet. With “DynamotionFit”, you can ensure these shoes allow freedom of movement when running. They wrap tightly around your foot which allows for easy twist and turns when running in tricky terrains like hills and mountains! Which is a handy feature in my book!

The Mizuno also boasts a unique wave plate (Mizuno specific)  – A midsole that offers cushioning and energy return with every step, that helps ease your fallen arch nicely.

With these trendy and comfy looking shoes, you will not only look great but maintain a great deal of comfort when running around.

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Nike LunarGlide 8 Running Shoes

These shoes are not only a fashion bragging right, they are also a fallen arch reliever. These running shoes weigh a mere 9.6 ounces making it a lightweight shoe which retains performance, they are also flexible enough for the overpronator and the fallen-arched runner.

The foam insole is designed for gentle padding which helps ease pain off of your foot. These shoes are perfect for people who need a lightweight variant but want to keep the style of Nike!

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New Balance 870V4 Running Shoes

With their bulky design, these running shoes are best when it comes to comfort and support as it has a SO-sew design embedded into the look of the shoe. This helps reduces the chance of any irritation in the forefoot, keeping you focused at all times on your running goals.

The padded tongue and collar help secure the foot into place and the additional comfort for your ankles which helps prevent blisters occurring on the back of your foot, allowing you to perform at your optimum without injury.

These shoes are more for comfort, especially for the heel and ankle but still keeping flat feet runners performing at their potential. A great buy for fallen arched runners!

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I would hand down recommend the “Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoes” due to having it’s own designed wave plate which is a midsole that automatically raises the fallen arch without compromising comfort. This running shoe is my top pick due to the fact it is designed perfectly for people who have fallen arches. It also looks very stylish with it’s interlaced laces and different colors!

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