Best Running Shoes For Ankle Support

Best Running Shoes For Ankle Support

Best Running Shoes for Ankle Support

Running is the ultimate exercise for exercise for every part of your body. This type of exercise exposes you to new perspectives on the environment. When you are walking, you will find yourself analyzing the terrain and softness of the ground and how it relates to your feet while in motion.

Escarpments are no longer a beauty element for you; it is an obstacle that requires increased force to climb it within given time. Running is healthy as well as fun. The fact that you sweat and release pressure helps in making your mind and body easy.

The activity also helps you to pull in as much air to your brain thus the refreshing effect. Consistent running for days and weeks makes a person feel flexible and light. Besides, it burns fat and clears any clogging on the blood tracts.

However, there are factors to consider to achieve ultimate results of running;

  • Attire
  • Consistency
  • Commitment

In this case, we’ll focus on attire with regards to shoes.

Running shoes should be light enough to allow easy sprinting. Besides, they should be flat for posture purposes. You don’t want to develop complications with your back because of exercise.

Running shoes should also support your ankle and protect it from any physical damage as you climb the terrains. Thus, it is important to consider these factors when choosing a suitable shoe for your running. Ankle support should be a priority when making shoe choice.

What is ankle support?

The human body is structurally designed with each body part playing a specific and indispensable role in helping us move. The ankle is one of the integral body components. Although it is a simple and tiny structure on the bottom part of the leg, it plays an integral and irreplaceable role in body movement.

In fact, you cannot move when your ankle is damaged.

It is not only painful but depressing because it is such a small part of your leg that keeps you down making you helpless.

The ankle is made of bones, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. There are three primary bones that make up this part of the body. Cartilage also forms part of the ankle, this is essential in allowing smooth movement between bones. The cartilage also acts as a shock absorber.

Although the ankle is made of three strong bones, it is prone to injuries that can be mild or severe. The most common injuries associated with ankles are; tendon injuries, ankle fractures, and ankle sprains. Falls, accidents, and bone traumas are the most common causes of ankle breaks; thus, the need for support.

When running, ankles are prone to damage and serious injuries that may affect your career or hobby in running. You might only do the exercise as a daily routine to pass time and refresh, but an ankle will snatch this from you, which can be depressing. Ankle braces are the common ways of supporting these body structures against damage.

Wearing braces for support on this part of the leg is both a preventive and recovery measure. Whether you are running for fun, doctor prescription or as a career, be sure to support your leg. Running heavily utilizes the cartilages and tendons on the ankles that can easily snap while you are on a motion. However, if you are wearing an ankle support, you are safe at least for the moment.

Apart from braces, there are running shoes designed to protect this body structure. If you are an athlete enthusiast, you should consider this.

Other than acquiring braces and wearing them inside ordinary shoes, find time to shop for best running shoes for ankle support and kill two birds with one stone.

Here are the best running shoes for ankle support:

Asics Gel Kayano 24

Asics is a renowned manufacturer in the field with extensive experience of more than two decades in the industry. Gel Kayano 24 is the 24th edition of the company’s products that have a high reputation and almost 100% positive customer reviews.

Although it resembles the GT 2000, which you might mistake for the older version, this is different. The shoe is made specifically for athletes and running enthusiasts that are keen on not only body exercise but also minor details of caution such as the ankles.

The shoe has a considerably flat heel, which corresponds with the front side. Its comfortable cushioning provides extra comfort to your leg and ensures less experience with pronation.

The well-fitting upper part and the generous and soft cushion hold the back part of your foot together thus functioning as ankle braces.


  • Durable for long runs
  • Extra cushioning for support and shock absorption
  • It has high sides to keep your foot secure from physical harm by stones and rocks
  • Has a large exoskeleton clutching system on the heel


  • Relatively small sizes in relation to international size standards
  • It is more costly as compared to shoes of its caliber


Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

The name of the shoe is inspired by the design of the manufacturer that seeks to spread shock and impact of the ground as you walk and run. Irrespective of the terrain, a runner feels the impact on the ground on every step.

The Mizuno shoe has existed in the market for an extended period and maintained a significant number of loyal customers because of its efficiency and service in marinating lower joints of your leg. Besides, the upper tucking that holds your heel and ankle together, it is extremely light allowing you to sprint without feeling any extra weight.

Basing on the numerous positive reviews from customers, it is a suitable shoe for overpronators because it the size is fitting and soft interior. You do not have to worry about your leg tilting and interfering with your exercise time. Ankles should be treated with utmost care because any interference with its functionality can keep someone stagnant and off exercise for weeks. Regaining the achieved levels of exercise endurance will be a daunting task.


  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely light
  • It is durable
  • Great cushioning for heel and ankle support


  • Takes time to fit your leg because of its small size fittings.


Brooks Transcend 4

The cushioning in this shoe is incomparable. The interior is well made and fully covered, which makes the most suitable for all terrain.

You will not feel the rough terrains and pebbles pinching your feet. It is also known as a stability shoe because of its tough outer sole and external make-up. The Transcend 4 is not only for overpronators who fancy in vigorous activities and training sessions like athletes but also suitable for simple exercising.

In fact, you can go with it to the gym and have an awesome experience. While using it indoors seems like underusing its strong and unique features, the Transcend 4 is still popular.

Ankles break and twitch even in the gym that is why it is important to wear such a shoe for caution and preventive measures.

Also, if you have injuries from previous activities on the ankle, this shoe supports the ankle and enables you to go on normally with exercising.


  • It is way cheaper than previous models of the same company
  • The heel is considered the most secure because of its upper lift element
  • It provides you with excellent stability and control while on motion
  • Adaptive comfortable cushion
  • Incredibly durable


  • The small fitting necessitates you to find a shoe half your normal size. Finding sizes half of your ordinary is a hustle


Asics GT 2000 5

The company is known for making the best shoes for running. In fact, any shoes with the Asics label is considered highly and probably over-priced because of automatic positive reviews by customers. Although it is not a fair and sober way of reviewing products based on company name other than the real product, Asics surpasses all nature of confusion and biases in the industry.

GT 2000 is not any other running shoe from Asics or any other company. Although many other models have come after its launch and manufacture date, it still holds significant market position and competing with other Asics new models.

The shoe is heavily cushioned with unique style on the top that makes it attractive. There is a high chance you have noticed someone with this shoe and turned your eye if not your head. It is elegant.

The look makes you think of wearing even if you are not a runner. You can actually wear it as you walk down the lanes to the grocery store. Walking is still part of the exercise and you will also feel the comfy cushioning and grip the inner make-up of the shoe has ono your heel and ankle.

The inner grip is the most exciting element of this shoe.

Your ankle is protected whether it is weak from an injury or as a prevention measure. It suspends the heel in a comfortable manner that you won’t feel the difference when your foot is down on a level ground. Unlike other shoes that achieve this by increasing the heel size, GT 2000 is boasts of creativity and quality.

The suspension makes you feel comfortable and safe. If you have won this shoe before or you own one, you probably didn’t notice the suspension until you read this read this review.


  • The stability and cushioning of the shoe is top notch
  • Ankle protection because the suspension feature makes it unique and effective
  • The shoe design is exemplary; it is stylish and elegant
  • The lacing style caps it all; you will want to walk or run while facing down to appreciate the stylish shoe you are wearing.
  • Suitable for ankle protection


  • Its size standards are relatively low.
  • Costly


Nike LunarGlide 9

Nike is a game changer in the industry. At one point, it was the price determinant of running shoes as well as the price of athletic equipment. The company’s dedication to the production of quality shoes and equipment for use in exercise and fun is evident in the long-lasting and incredible products.

Nike has existed in the field for the most years as compared to any other company in the industry. While other strong brands keep on emerging with new features that are pleasing in the market, the company has managed to maintain its market position. Customer loyalty has been generated through trust and confidence in the company’s products.

Unlike popular companies in other business fields that begin a downward trend after hitting the high levels of revenue and popularity, Nike has maintained its humility and consistency in quality productions.

The LunarGlide 9 is one of its incomparable products. In fact, without much say, you should go for this shoe if you are looking to protect your ankle and support it in case of injury.

Ankle support stability and lightweight characterize the shoe. One of the unique features of the shoe its design and features are not only focused on serious exercise and athletic purposes but also for normal walking.

Although running and exercise is the ultimate use of such a shoe, it is comfortable as an everyday shoe. It is actually therapeutic to wear the Nike shoe daily to work, of course depending on your work environment. Also, it helps you run better on a treadmill.

The 8-inch sole shoe has pods and slits that make it unique from other Nike products. It does not only achieve traction but also comfort and elegance. Besides, its benefit of fully protecting your ankle from possible injuries, LunarGlide 9 makes you proud of the shoe you are wearing. If possible you would show it off.


  • High arch support
  • The dynamic support that allows flexibility
  • TPU heel counter keeps your heel supported and upright
  • Lace design offers ultimate support and security


  • ‘Squish’ noise when walking
  • Unsuitable for runners with wide feet


I hope you have found this article useful. Take action and get the perfect running shoes!

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