Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners

Best running shoes for heavy runners

Heavy runners have always been known to suffer some common problems over the years. These are challenges such as not being fit or fast enough while running, loss of self – esteem as well as confidence and not being very productive as they would have expected.

This post will help you decide the best running shoes for heavy runners.

If you happen to fall onto this article, then you are at the right place. The shoes listed below are designed to help you start exercising and become comfortable when out on the track!

Best shoes for heavy/overweight runners

Although experts have been suggesting some tips that these people can adapt to ensure that they stay 100% fit while running, most of these aren’t as effective as they should be.

This is because sometimes they are either too difficult to implement or even take time before you will start seeing results, which creates this vicious circle. 

However, there is a reliable way to go about this. There are running shoes have been designed to help you combat such a problem.

These are super effective that you will be wondering why it has taken this long to discover them. Some of these shoes will not only be listed below but there will be complete and honest reviews of them.


Salomon Unisex S-Lab Xa Amphib Manmade, Mesh Running Sneakers

Are you in search of a sneaker that can make you feel very light while running? Do you know that with Salomon Unisex Running Sneakers can be a walk in the park?

This is one of the best shoes for heavy runners and there is no doubt that it can help you meet your needs. If you want to be competitive while running then you need a shoe like this with great ventilation.

It features:

Some of the features of this shoe will be listed below.

  • It comes in various colors such as racing red, transcend blue and black
  • It is imported
  • It has a mesh upper which is breathable and quick – drying
  • It is ‘sensifit’ technology enabled. This makes your foot to be carried from its midsole
  • There is OS Tendon
  • It is manmade  

It’s pros:

Some of the benefits that users can get from wearing this shoe are:

  • Rebounding is easier and better
  • Users are comfortable with it
  • It is very light
  • It is very cheap

It’s cons:

Despite being able to accomplish that which it has been manufactured for, it still has one major shortcoming: this is the fact that the sizes are always larger than those of its users.

Reebok R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoe

This has really been able to redefine what a sports shoe should look like. It is no wonder it is growing in popularity amongst others in recent times.

Its shape has been re-engineered to ensure that it is the perfect match for users. If you really want to get light while running, then this one should be your best bet!

Here are it features:

The functionalities of this shoe are well explained by some of its breathtaking features which will be listed below:

  • Its sole is made up of rubber
  • It is a synthetic training shoe
  • It is an imported shoe
  • It has got an anatomical design which enables quick cuts as well as lifting
  • Its upper is Kevlar-infused which is meant to have users protected
  • Its heel counter is contoured
  • It has (hard TP) midsole shell which helps to support its users

It’s pros

Reebok R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoe has been really great when compared to how it has been designed to meet the needs of heavy runners. Some of its pros will be listed below:

  • Users are comfortable while putting it on
  • It is highly durable
  • Its design is great
  • It is great for those with wide feet

It’s cons

This has some shortcomings which its users usually make complaints about. These are:

  • Its metal lace tips seem to be heavy

Inov-8 Women’s Race Ultra 270 P Trail Running Shoe

Every woman wants to stay 100% fit in other to be admired by friends and loved ones. This is possible with the advent of Inov-8 Women’s Race Ultra 270 P Trail Running Shoe which has been produced to help heavy runners.

It is one of the most reliable shoes which can make you feel as light as possible while running.

It features:

Inov-8 Women’s Race Running Shoe has got some features which have made it the favorite for heavy runners over the years. Some of them will be highlighted below.

  • It is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane/synthetic shoe
  • It is a Standard – Fit shoe
  • It is imported
  • Its sole has been manufactured with rubber
  • Its collar and tongue are padded
  • Its fabric lining is breathable
  • Its EVA midsole is compressed
  • Its foam footbed is 6mm and it is removable

It’s pros

Inov-8 Women’s Race Running Shoe is making waves amongst women all over the world. This is due to the benefits that they are getting from using it. Below are some of such benefits

  • It has a very high level of durability
  • Users are comfortable with it
  • It is very light to make use of
  • Users are not only supported but also protected

It’s cons:

  • It is only meant for women
  • It is a standard – fit shoe


Amongst the 3 different shoes which have been listed and reviewed above, Salomon Unisex S-Lab Xa Amphib Manmade, Mesh Running Sneakers seems to be the most expensive as it commands the highest price.

Such is due to the fact that its manufacturers have been able to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to having the needs of heavy runners met.

For instance, it can be seen that while the others are shoes which are targeting either men or women, Salomon Unisex S-Lab Running Sneakers tend to be targeting both. This means that users don’t have to bother whether it will be a perfect fit for them or not because it surely will.

Another factor which is responsible for its price is that it seems easier for users to run faster as compared to the others. This is based on the fact that its OS Tendon has been well constructed.


How to run if you’re heavy or overweight

Once you have your running trainers, you will need to understand how to run effectively and maximize your efforts. If you don’t know how to run properly, you are exposing yourself to an injury.

Read the sections below, to better your running techniques:

Developing a good running form

When you run, you have to make sure you are applying good running form. It prevents you from having an injury nor making you susceptible to injury.

To start, run as ‘tall’ as you can. Let me explain…

Imagine having a piece of string at the top of your head being pulled at all times. This is when you keep your head high and chest sticking out. Don’t run hunching over or bending forward at the waist.

Your foot should land directly underneath your body when landing on each step. Don’t land your foot forward or behind you when you land. Not doing this could apply additional strain and weight on a specific area of your foot causing you to develop an injury over time.

Another tip is to not keep your arms near your chest! Put your elbows in a 90 – degree and sync the movement to your leg to create a nice stride when you run. Keep them relaxed and don’t tense them.

Train with a friend or coach

Having a coach or friend can help identify any flaws in your running technique. As you are getting an outside perspective, you will be able to quickly resolve any issues in your methods.

They also help keep you on track with any goals you have set in place and push you that extra further to exceed what you think you were only capable of!

Running consistently

The more you do it, the better the result… fact. You have to run more often to develop a habit of running when you don’t feel like it. To achieve anything, it requires focus, dedication and consistent effort to attain what you are striving for.

If you plan a weekly mileage plan, you can track how many miles you have done and improve week after week. This is awesome for beating new records which is motivation to keep going!

Run with the crowds

This is not the most important tip, but nothing beats having to run for a cause. Marathons, sponsored walks, and 10ks all involve runners of every size. You can all run together for a charity, personal development or simply to enjoy the company of others.

Look for local events in your town online or in your nearest community centre.






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