Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints – My Top 4 Picks

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Running is the greatest passion in life for those who love the feeling of getting outside and feeling fresh and healthy.

However, injuries can become the bane of a runner’s life, especially those injuries which don’t have an out and out treatment. Shin splints are one of the most common problems faced by runners as they can be very easily developed by anyone, even someone taking the utmost care to avoid them.

As a result of the impact of running compared to another form of exercise such as swimming or cycling far more of this kind of injuries occur.

The repetitive motion puts a huge stress on the bones, joints and the muscles of the legs and can lead to a huge variety of these different repetitive stress injuries.

Shin Splints diagram

If you do experience shin splints over a long period of time and don’t do anything to try and correct it then it could lead to a chronic problem that has potentially very long-lasting implications for the health of your shin bones and your future ability to run.

Whilst there may be no specific treatment for the occurrence of shin splints, there are things that you can do in order to try and prevent their occurrence or help to ease the pain if they do occur.

One of the best solutions is to switch whatever running shoes you may be used to ones which offer more specific ability to deal with the impact that causes shin splints.

What are shin splints?

Shin splints are mostly contained in the front portion of the outer leg bones.

They are fairly mysterious as the actual injury which occurs in the leg is unknown and the cause is hypothesized to come from a number of different factors.

The most common symptom is inflammation at the front of the lower leg as a result of damage to the soft tissue in the shin.

These cause a searing pain in the area that can occur both whilst putting pressure on the leg or even at rest in more serious cases.

How are shin splints caused?

picture of shin splint being caused by an increased amount of activity

Unfortunately for those who love it, running is the primary risk factor for developing shin splints.

Sudden increases in activity whether that be running or any other activity which is going to put pressure on that part of the leg is likely to increase the risk of developing shin splints.

The increase in the amount of work which must be accomplished by the soft tissues and the muscle in the area can lead to the painful inflammation.

Those with weak muscles in the ankle or a problem with their Achilles heel can also make people more susceptible to developing shin splints.

The importance of having the right equipment

running equipment for shin splints

When doing something which is as physically demanding as running it is vital to work with quality equipment in order to limit the possibility of developing injuries and chronic problems.

Given that the exercise itself doesn’t really require many items of equipment, the main one is, of course, the running shoes.

Have footwear which is the most comfortable for you and is going to give you the most comprehensive protection from the possibility of shin splints is hugely important.

Their main functions of providing comfort, cushioning and support are the most important aspects and they have to give you all of these things in order to provide you with the best possible protection from shin splints.

How to choose the best running shoes for shin splints?

Certain shoes may be absolutely perfect for someone else but be unable to stop you from getting those shin splints back.

This is because everyone runs slightly differently as well as having a slightly different internal makeup.

People who are heavier or have just recently stepped up the intensity of their exercise are going to have different requirements for their shoes than a very slim person who has been running for years.

There are several different aspects that affect the best show choice for you, here are just some:

  • How does your foot connect when you’re running? By this I mean how does your foot land on the pavement when you’re running along? Like when you strike with your heel first instead of your toe then you are going to be putting pressure on different areas of the legs and therefore be in need of shoes with different areas of support.
  • Where do you run? If you mainly run on softer surfaces such as grass then shin splints are going to be less likely as the ground you are running on will have more give. Whereas if you mainly run on tracks or pavements then you’re going to need greater protection from stress injuries. This is an important factor to consider when factoring in how much support you will need as running on grass as opposed to pavement will have a different set of repercussions for the legs.
  • How often are you running? Once, twice, three times or more a week? Depending on how often you get out it there it going to depend on what kind of support you need from your shoes. Always make sure that the shoes you wear aren’t worn out and even if they aren’t the most expensive pair it will likely be a huge benefit to invest in any new pair of shoes to help deal with shin splints.

What to consider?

what running shoe to choose when you have shin splints

There are many different parts of a shoe that combine to make up its overall quality.

Its durability is important as running on broken shoes is going to hugely increase the risk of getting shin splints.

Obviously, comfort is a big deal as running in uncomfortable shoes is going to be a different kind of pain.

They should also be sure to have a good grip otherwise this could lead to an accident causing a more serious injury than shin splints themselves.

What are the best shoes on the market?

There are thousands of running trainers to pick from which could help ease your pain and there are going to be many not on this list, but here are 4 of the most popular trainers which could be effective in reducing the likelihood of shin splints.

Hoka One One Men’s Clifton 3 Running Shoe

Simplicity is something which can provide a show with a very stylish look and in a way, help it to stand out in a market saturated with complex and distracting designs.

The Hoka One One has a very simplistic look but has many great attributes which make it one of the most adept shoes on the market, making this one of many the best running shoes to prevent shin splints. 

Its greatest asset is the amount of arch support that it can provide to a user, helping one of the main causes of shin splints.

Here are some key benefits of this shoe:

  1. The Hoka is a lightweight shoe.
  2. This model is made of very lightweight yet sturdy materials in order to give support whilst maintaining a great feel for the feet whilst running.
  3. It’s cushioning base is one of the most effective on the market and is going to be a great investment to stop from developing shin splints.
  4. It is also manufactured to cater for those who have wider or slightly different shaped feet to offer those runners the opportunity to use trainers which have great technology to help them deal with shin splints.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Vs City Running Shoe

One way to ensure that you are receiving a quality product is to buy from an experienced and famous brand with a reputation for quality.

Adidas is one of the largest sports brands in the world and has a great reputation for making quality products for their customers.

Here are the key reasons why I admire these shoes:

  1. The rubber sole of the shoe is a perfect mix of flexibility and durability giving a great feeling of strength against the impact felt by the legs when running.
  2. The mesh material on the top of the shoe helps your feet breathe whilst running to stop you getting too hot or uncomfortable.
  3. Its level of cushioned support is perfect for those who may often suffer from minor injuries and are looking to avoid this in the future.
  4. The design of the shoe is very classic Adidas and offers simplicity yet a very technical look which gives them a classic feel to combine with the quality of the manufacturing.
  5. The Adidas’s are one of the best running shoes for shin splints.

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Asics Men’s Cirrus33 Running Shoe

Most of the best shoes that deal with running problems are made by experienced and high-quality athletics companies.

The Cirrus33 is no exception as Asics are one of the most trusted brands used by athletes who are looking for a high-quality product to use whilst training or competing.

Another very simple design using a fairly basic color pattern so not to distract from the functionality of the shoes.

Here are some key benefits of the Cirrus33:

  1. The Cirrus33 allows the foot to move in a more natural way than many others and helps compliment a variety of running styles rather than making some people feel awkward when running.
  2. It’s ability to cushion the blows of running is an incredible tool against shin splints and will provide a long-term solution if you have been struggling with this problem over the long term.
  3. It has a 2 layer midsole which cushions both the arches and heel, in particular, to help support the areas of the base of the soot which absorb the most impact when running.
  4. This technological use of cushioning is the perfect way to make a lightweight show which can still provide a huge amount of support for the feet when running to promote a natural feel when running.

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New Balance Men’s 860V5 Silver With Optic Blue Running Shoe

Another brand in the world of athletics and sport which is heavily associated with producing quality equipment which is perfect for even the most serious athletes.

They are known to pour a lot of time and energy into research for their products; this has helped them to create a great variety of quality running shoes to help solve problems such as shin splints.

One of the best things about the New Balance is the weight of the shoe.

Here are my key takeaways from the New Balance’s are:

  1. The materials used to make it are all designed to be as light as possible to create a very soft feeling whilst running and to help you forget that you are actually wearing shoes at all.
  2. The shoe’s base offers great support for the legs and works for those who use a variety of different running styles.
  3. The combination of lightweight feeling and sturdiness gives the shoe the ability to give you a hugely smoothly run without worrying about the occurrence of shin splints.
  4. The shoe gives massive support to the entire base of the foot which allows running to feel far more comfortable than under with a less cushioning shoe.

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Final Verdict?

There are other ways to deal with shin splints which can help to relieve the pain of them when they occur as well as preventing them before they have fully developed.

Using mild pain relief medicine and using ice packs on the affected area are also going to bring some help for the pain.

The most expensive problem with having shin splints can be potentially having to take breaks from running for long periods of time.

For those who love running, having to take time away from doing it could be a hugely frustrating experience and investing in a great pair of running shoes could prevent this and help you maintain a structured exercise a regimen.

I have a similar article about how to pick the right pair of running shoes for bad knees also.

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